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Welcome to the Society of Nerds Avoiding Reality. This is community for lovers of Fiction & Literature. Each month, we choose a book for the members to read, and at the end of the month, we discuss and debate aspects of the book.

During the rest of the month, members can feel free to chat amongst themselves about other books, & post their own reviews on other books - with the exception that you cannot, under any circumstances, discuss aspects of the current chosen book until the discussion has been officially commenced by one of the moderators. That way, we will avoid people potentially ruining parts of the book for others.

The book will be chosen each month by the moderators, we will take any recommendations into consideration, and ask for your imput, but the final decision belongs to us.

Please, when talking about, or reviewing any other books during the month, do not give a specific detailed account of what occurs in the book that could possibly ruin it for someone else. If you are going to try to start an in depth discussion about a book, other than the monthly choice, please use lj-cut, and warn others that have not had the opportunity to read it, that there are "spoilers" contained in your entry.

The only other thing we ask is that you keep this friendly. When discussing or debating aspects of *any* books, refrain from personal attacks on the person you disagree with (ie. no name calling, no 'your opinion sucks' kind of thing) instead, try to use valid, logical arguements against their point of view, *not* them. Basically, please try to control yourself and act appropriately.

At this point, membership is open, but we may in the future decide to close membership if the community gets too large, or we find that we need a screening process to prevent silly outbursts and disagreements.

This community is moderated by angeloflove & streetcarp.