Lentils (earth_maiden) wrote in societyofnar,


what's the next book? i suggest Libra by Don Delillo. i suggested this awhile back. i haven't read it yet but i've been told it's an amazing book. it's about lee harvey oswald and the jfk assassination. i think it's through the eyes of oswald. any takers??
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I'm not sure what we're going to do as the next book... unfortunately, just because even though the community has 60 members, it seems as though only 4 or so participate at all. I don't know what to do about it at this point, the last book was even picked by the members of the community, yet not only did we not have a lot of suggestions for the book, but not many people bothered to read it, and less discussed it (as I said, about 4 people if I'm not mistaken)...

I guess my last shot in the dark is to do some more advertising, and maybe if we can double the amount of members in the community, we can also double the amount of people participating...and therefore, actually have a good discussion between a fair amount of people :)

but definately, I'll keep that in mind, and if I forget somehow... just suggest it again when I make another post asking for suggestions :)
I say Kick poeople out if they dont participate.
[okay so id be included]
But still. The POINT of a book community is participation.
sorry I'm on a soap box. I've been dealing with the Empath Community getting shit underway for it, so I'm all "community ho" here. hehe.
If you need any help. Lemme know sweets :>
hehe thanks...yes, it's very frustrating...the first time, I thought the problem was that people weren't interested in the book that was picked, which was why I let people suggest books...and then advertised a crap load, and got the membership from 30 to 60... but it didn't help at all! maybe I will start kicking some ass out :) and thank you! I think my co mod is MIA, or was...so, I'm sort of stuck on what to do, I don't know if he even wants to mod anymore :/
well if you need a co-co mod I am your Persons :>

I will participate. I promise!
maybe we could talk about it while we are reading the book. i didn't read the last one because i didn't know ya'll had started a new book. but while i was reading the perks of being a wallflower i had questions while i was reading and had to wait until everyone read it. i know we could possibly give things away if we discussed teh book before everyone was done but. . . i dunno. that's my suggestion i don't have a solution.
I haven't heard of Libra, but the reviews don't look too bad. I'm willing to give it a try.

Also...about books to read. I've got soooo many on my list (over 20). I've been wanting to read Life of Pi by Yann Martel, Big Fish by Daniel Wallace, and I just heard about Ask Me Anything by Francesca Delbanco. These are of course, just a choice few of the ones on my list. Do these sound interesting to anyone?
i would also love to read "life of pi" i've heard it's amazing.
Just a note...I like your user icon. Very awesome image :)
thank you. it's from a music video and the director was suppose to be well know for the images she portrays in videos. like the image could tell teh story almost. and it's kinda dark too. thank you
Sounds very interesting. I'm up for it. ^^