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Interpretations please

I seriously dont understand why i hadnt read Go Ask Alice...i mean teachers in junior high level should definatly make the teanagers read it...i mean what this girl put herself through...the drugs and the life...its just unbareable to think that any girl could be a victim...God forbid...oh i would die..i dont even wanna think about what i feel like i wanna write...when she's at the rally in souther california where the "...acid and booze and pot as free as the air..." was her new best friend, she writes ends her entry with a beautiful note. She writes about a fat girl with a guy with a ring in his noise and multi-color designs on his bald head..."They keep saying 'love' to each other. It's beautiful to watch. Color intermingled with color. People intermingled with people. Color and people intercoursing together." (95) Can someone please tell me the meaning of that quotation...especially the part about color and people intercoursing...
I am really ashamed of myself for smoking pot...even if it was just one time...i thought it was cool, but now that i think of it, it was probably one of the dumbest things i have ever done in my life...i am going to live my life as a role model for my niece...
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I don't mean to be an ass, and I didn't want to ruin it before you finished, but that book is a fake. It's anti-drug propaganda, pure and simple. It's MEANT to make you feel bad about yourself if you ever smoked pot. I'm not saying go smoke it, I'm just saying that your niece is a better reason not to than this crappy book.

The woman who wrote this was a psychologist who apparently traumatized people with other fake books as well.
oh yah...i totally know that...but even if its a "fake book", similar events happen to people...I and perhaps even you are fortunate to be shielded from lives like the girl in the book...i mean i am an all around girl...i had manyt friends in HS...yah i was in the in crowd...but i didnt really fall into drugs...yah i smoked pot here and there but just to look cool...thank God i didnt get addicted to it you know...and i am sure i'll be open minded with my if i find out she smoked pot once she is older, i am not gonna be a bitch...but i will educate her and try my best to lead her to the right path...thanks for your comment...really enjoyed it...