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I know i dont participate much in this community but i am a full time student and work 2 jobs so it leaves me hardley anytime to read for fun...which sucks cuz i love to read...but I am making time for reading...currently I am reading Go Ask Alice. I am sure a lot of you have read it...its a lil on the easy side for a college student like myself, but the message is still important i guess...anyway, if you wanna please share some of your feelings about the book, you are more then welcome, but please dont ruin it for me...thanks...
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I picked up that book at a bookstore one time and began reading it. I read about half of it, and after that I just picked it up everytime I had some spare time in the bookstore. I still have a few pages to go, but it found it a very interesting book (quite depressing). It's such an easy read, but the content is so strong, and it's definatly very informative and impactful. Hope you enjoy it.
OMG it really is...especially the part about how she is raped by Shiela and her bf...and how she talks about like the homo sexuality and dysfunctional sexual uprisings that result from heavy drugs...i mean that really turns me off to drugs you know...even if its i dont have anything against homosexuals but when raping someone and stuff is totally disgusting....
read it years ago, have a copy sitting on my book shelf though, and have picked it up a couple of times & read it again.

parts of it just break my heart. especially near the end it will. all throughout the book I just keep thinking "why" over and over again. to know that it's true, that it really happened & isn't fiction, it's just horrible.

if you like that, you should pick up "it happened to nancy", which I just finished reading. it's about a young girl who gets raped & gets aids. it's 'put together' by the same person who 'put together' go ask alice.
cool...thanks...i really appreciate your advice...