words unheard (angeloflove) wrote in societyofnar,
words unheard

slight off topic...

but since I'm the moderator, I get to do things like this =oP

I was recently sent a letter for a book exchange thing. Like those panty/sticker/whatever ones, basically where you send a used book to the person at the top of the list, take their name off, put your own at the bottom of the list, and send it on to six other people. You are supposed to end up receiving 36 used books by the end, for one of your own. Apparently, people rarely drop out of this one...so if anyone would be interested, I still need 5 more people who would want to do this :) just leave a comment & let me know if you are interested!
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I'm interested! Sounds like fun! I did a few of those when I was a kid, but I never remember recieving my 36 stickers or postcards or whatever...

In anycase, I'm in. :)
yeah...well I think a big problem is that people like to send them to others without asking if they want to do it... I remember I got a few of those in the mail from friends a couple of times, but I didn't want to do it, so I didn't!

anyways...I think it would work better with books! I'm going away for the weekend, but if you give me your email address, or email me at angeloflove @ rogers.com then I will send the info on to you :)
hey i tried to email you awhile ago...but for some reason the email flopped. you can email me at eahoward@umich.edu

I did receive an email from you, but I'm having trouble coming up with other people to do this!

I'm going to go ask in a few more communities, once I come up with enough people, I will email you to let you know :)

I had 2 letters this summer and I sent off my books and my copies of the letters and I got no books in return

It sounds like a great idea, but mine was a flop.
do you receive the letters just randomly though? what I mean is, did the person ask if you wanted to participate before sending you the letter?

I think the big problem with these things not working is that people either a) just send them off to others, without asking if they are interested, and the people who get them might not be, or b) send them off to others, but don't bother sending a book/whatever themselves.

I figure I probably will not get 36 books or whatever it's supposed to work out to, but even if I only get one, it's like an even trade :) and I could have sent them out randomly to friends, but I want to make sure the people who get them are going to participate. At least the next person on the list I got will end up with 5 books for sure in the end :)
One was unsolicited and the other came from a LJ friend. I signed up for it. Then I posted in my LJ and took most of my 6 (12 actually) people from there to send them to. No books. Still not a one.

Good luck. I hope you have a better return than I :)
me too :)