words unheard (angeloflove) wrote in societyofnar,
words unheard

come on everyone!

lets start discussing this book!
please feel free to make your own post about whichever part of the book, or subject brought up in the book that peaked your interest, and you want to discuss!

so... I'm going to start two threads going myself...feel free to comment, contribute, disagree or agree, or start your own...please, this doesn't work without participation :)

okay, so my first question is:
what do you think, of all the events in the book, was the most significant in changing Charlies life?
please give reasons why you think so.

I think the first thing I would probably jump to saying would be remembering that his aunt molested him.
but thinking about it further, I don't think that was the most significant event that changed him. I think his friendships with Sam & Pat were actually more significant in his life than that trauma he experienced, though that was a very important part as well. I just think a lot of the time, people are too quick to blame the bad things that happened for bad changes in their life, and not as quick to embrace the good things that have happened, and realize what a positive impact they have had as well. :)
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